PRESENT:                             Bill Brunson, Chairman, District 4

Michael Browning, Vice Chairman, District 1

Dr. Peter Murphy, Commissioner, District 2

Richard Strickland, Commissioner, District 3

Allen Booker, Commissioner, District 5

Bob Coleman, Commissioner, At Large Post 2


ABSET:                                  Mark Stambaugh, Commissioner, At Large Post 1


ALSO PRESENT:                 Alan Ours, County Manager

                                                Aaron Mumford, County Attorney

Dhwani Patel, County Clerk


Discussion and consideration of voting on the following:


1.            Receive a presentation from the recommended Investment Manager for the Pension Plan


Tonya Miller, Administrative Services Director and CFO, introduced Jay Bowen and David Kelly of Bowen Hanes and Company. The Pension Committee has recommended them to be the new pension investment manager. Mr. Bowen gave a brief history and background of their company. Mr. Kelly showed a comparison of their past performance to Glynn County’s past performance along with the national trends.


4.            Receive a report on the Operations and Management Study from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) This item was moved up the agenda for discussion.


John Powell, Police Chief, introduced Chief Joe Price, who works with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) as a consultant, and Amanda Bernstein, Project Manager with IACP, to present the report on the Operations and Management Study. The goal of the study was to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of police services to provide the community with the highest level of police services. One major area that IACP identified for improvement was to re-establish the mission statement of the GCPD and enhance how the department communicates through meetings with agency and community members and providing data on a regular and consistent basis. The second major recommendation was to create a new baseline for agency authorized strength for the department and minimum staffing for patrol operations. They also recommended implementing community policing through a variety of efforts to include: geographic policing, regular community meetings, a Citizen’s Police Academy, a Citizen Advisory Board, etc.

The study found that Glynn County Police Department to be a full-service community oriented agency that continues to work very hard to keep the citizens of Glynn County safe. They assess that the department is moving in a very positive direction. It demonstrates a strong and visible commitment to community policing and to collaborative problem-solving efforts with the community and other law enforcement agencies.


2.            Receive an update on the Brunswick Library Construction Project


Mike Martin, Chairman of the Library Board, thanked the Board for their support and invited the Board to take a tour of the library under construction to learn a lot about the facility. Geri Mullis, Marshes of Glynn Libraries Director, provided an update on the construction of the library. She then went over the project timeline which includes a portion of the library reopening to the public on December 10.  The library will offer limited services and hours until the renovation is complete. A tentative grand opening celebration is scheduled for April 5, 2019 after completion of the construction and the library is open to the public.


3.            Discussion regarding the trees at Neptune Park


Commissioner Murphy started the discussion regarding the 200+ year old trees in Neptune Park. Three limbs recent fell from the trees at nighttime, fortunately nobody was sitting underneath the trees. Currently the trees are surrounded by an orange plastic fence with a “do not enter” sign to protect the public. The Golden Isles Fund for Trees (GIFT) became involved and hired Master Arborist Chris Gerards to conduct an investigation of the trees. Their recommendation is to install permanent fencing for the safety of the trees and the public and relocating the concrete picnic tables. The consensus of the Board was to move forward with issuing a request for proposals to find out how much it would cost to implement their recommendations.


4.            Receive a report on the Operations and Management Study from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) This item was moved up the agenda for discussion.


5.            Discussion regarding the Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR)


Monica Hardin, Grants Coordinator, stated that the Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) was created to assist with serious unmet needs stemmed from the 2017 disasters not covered through other sources such as insurance, loans, donations, and other local funds. The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) is projecting to divide the Housing allocation between the three most impacted areas: 31705 (Albany) projected allocation of $5,218,175; 31548 (Kingsland) projected allocation of $2,939,927; and 31520 (Brunswick) projected allocation of $ 2,148,312.

Glynn County staff proposes to focus on properties affected by Hurricane Irma and those that are also on the condemnation list. The program will be open to owner occupied stick-built and manufactured homes in the designated area. The program will provide housing rehabilitation and reconstruction for storm impacted structures. The program will only benefit moderate to low income homeowners who meet the Low to Moderate Income National Objective. This is a two-year grant and the County would have 24 months to spend any requested funds. Glynn County staff is proposing to work on 10 units in the 31520 County jurisdiction x $88K as the max per property, for a total County request of $880,000.

Ms. Hardin stated that consideration could be given to submitting a joint City-County application with the City being the lead applicant would mean that they would bear the front of the procurement, the reporting, the progress reports, and financial reports. Glynn County would assist in their efforts. Another option would be for Glynn County to submit a single County application. The benefits of submitting a joint application include higher scoring during peer review and the City would be the lead applicant and administer the grant.




The Board did not hold an executive session during this meeting.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm.






                                                                                                                                Bill Brunson, Chairman

                                                                                                                                Board of Commissioners

                                                                                                                                Glynn County, Georgia





Dhwani Patel, County Clerk