PRESENT:                             Bill Brunson, Chairman, District 4

Michael Browning, Vice Chairman, District 1

Dr. Peter Murphy, Commissioner, District 2

Richard Strickland, Commissioner, District 3

Allen Booker, Commissioner, District 5

Mark Stambaugh, Commissioner, At Large Post 1


ABSET:                                  Bob Coleman, Commissioner, At Large Post 2


ALSO PRESENT:                 Alan Ours, County Manager

                                                Aaron Mumford, County Attorney

Dhwani Patel, County Clerk


Discussion and consideration of voting on the following:


1.            Receive a presentation on the Altama Connector Corridor Project (Pat Smeeton and Kevin Skinner)


                                Ben Pierce, Roads and Drainage Division Manager for Public Works, introduced Pat Smeeton and Kevin Skinner from POND and Company to report on this SPLOST 2016 project. Mr. Pierce stated that they have completed the site analysis phase which is primarily the traffic evaluation, and they have presented a concept that best suits the situation to staff. Mr. Smeeton outlined the operational problems that occur at Altama Connecter at Golden Isles Plaza, at Altama Connector Eastbound at GA 25 Spur, at the Altama Connector Westbound at GA 25 Spur, and at Altama Connector at Merchants Way. He stated that the improvements have been broken down into two Phases.

 Mr. Skinner outlined the proposed improvements beginning with Phase one. For Altama Connector at Golden Isles Plaza, they proposed raising medians on Altama Connector, restricting access through and left turn movements from side streets, and adding right turn lanes to Altama Connector. For Altama Connector at GA 25 Spur, they proposed realigning eastbound lanes to provide two continue through lanes, providing two westbound through lanes, adding right turn lanes to Altama Connector, and adding a sidewalk to the north side of Altama Connector. They have proposed providing left turn lanes at the intersection at Altama Connector and Merchants Way, adding raised medians to reduce vehicle conflicts, and adding a sidewalk to the north side of Altama Connector.

Phase two improvements include proving a left turn lane into Walmart and adding raised medians to reduce vehicle conflicts at Altama Connector East of Merchants Way. The cost estimate for phase one is $2.3 million and the cost estimate for phase two is $500,000.

Several Commissioners questioned Mr. Smeeton and Mr. Skinner about how their concept would improve the intersections. Commissioners recommended reaching out to the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to request additional access to GA 25 Spur to help alleviate some problems. The consensus of the Board was to proceed with the Preliminary and Final Design step.


2.            Receive a presentation on the Pavement Evaluation Plan (Eric Pitts)


                                David Deloach, Engineering Division Manager for Public Works, introduced Eric Pitts, Atlanta Branch Manager of the Alfred Benesch and Company, to report on their evaluation of all the county maintained paved roads. Mr. Pitts stated four teams of engineers conduced the field evaluations of roadway conditions to determine the current condition of asphalt pavements in the county and completed a road inventory into a database for future condition assessments. The overall rating of roadways in Glynn County is 85%, on a scale from 0-100 with anything above 70% considered passing. As a comparison, GDOT interstates scored an 85% as well.


3.            Discussion regarding golf carts on St. Simons Island


                                Commissioner Murphy stated that the question of golf carts on St. Simons Island was asked during his recent Town Hall meeting. He said he has received many emails regarding this issue and outlined some pros and cons stated in those emails. He asked Police Chief John Powell and Officer Gary Corey to come to the meeting and report on their observations. Chief Powell stated that some problems they’ve encountered with golf carts operating on roadways include adults allowing children to operate the golf cart, citizens not wearing seatbelts while operating the golf cart, and smaller children not sitting in their proper seats while the golf cart is operating. He stated that they do not want to change the dynamic of the island however they do not want to see citizens getting hurt either. He stated that one of the complications with enforcement of golf carts is relating to loopholes in state law that do not require seat belt usage and insurance coverage.

                                Officer Corey is an accident investigator and has been with Glynn County for 23 years. He stated that the number one call they receive regarding golf carts is about impeding the flow of traffic. The consensus of the Board was to proceed by working with the County Attorney and Police Chief to update the ordinances to add safety requirements for the operation of golf carts in Glynn County.




The Board did not hold an executive session during this meeting.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.






                                                                                                                                Bill Brunson, Chairman

                                                                                                                                Board of Commissioners

                                                                                                                                Glynn County, Georgia





Dhwani Patel, County Clerk