TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2018 AT 2:00 PM


PRESENT:                             Bill Brunson, Chairman, District 4

Michael Browning, Vice Chairman, District 1

Dr. Peter Murphy, Commissioner, District 2

Richard Strickland, Commissioner, District 3

Allen Booker, Commissioner, District 5

Johnny Cason, City Commissioner

Julie Martin, City Commissioner


ABSENT:                               Mark Stambaugh, Commissioner, At Large Post 1

Bob Coleman, Commissioner, At Large Post 2

Cornell Harvey, City of Brunswick Mayor

Vincent Williams, City Commissioner

Felicia Harris, City Commissioner


ALSO PRESENT:                 Alan Ours, County Manager

                                                Jim Drumm, City Manager

Aaron Mumford, County Attorney

Brian Correy, City Attorney

Dhwani Patel, County Clerk

Naomi Atkinson, City Clerk


Discussion and consideration of voting on the following:


1.            Receive a presentation on the Terry Creek Superfund Site from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


Scott Martin, Remedial Project Manager from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 4, reported on the Terry Creek Dredge Spoils Hercules Outfall Operable Unit 1 (OU1). Mr. Martin stated that the public comment period is currently open and made introductions of the EPA staff in attendance. A brief overview of the Superfund Remedial Process and where they are in the process was given. It was reported that they have conducted the Remedial Investigation on Operable Unit 1, the Feasibility Study for OU1 and they have selected an Interim Remedy.

                Mr. Martin spoke on the complexities of the site and the 3 Operable Units; the outfall ditch, dredge spoils and upland soil and, Terry and Dupree Creeks. He explained that the Consent Decree is only for the interim action at OU1. A brief history of the Hercules site was given and an outline of the involvement of community participation was provided.

 It was reported that June 2017 the EPA selected an Interim Remedy that will reroute the stream into a newly constructed man made ditch. The old outfall ditch would be sealed off and backfilled with new clean fill. They will remove the weir that is currently in place and a geotextile fabric would be placed on the bottom to give stability. Armoring of the slope with riprap to will ensure the remaining sediment stays in place. There will be a long-term monitoring plan with some institutional controls as well. Some revisions have been made based on public input.

                Tim Frederick, Human Health Risk Assessor, presented a document that was developed independent of the EPA by scientist out of Cincinnati, Ohio. It provides toxicity values for a variety of toxaphene variance that we can use in risk assessments. The Public comment period was extended to 120 days to allow time for the public to review the document.                  

                Commissioner Brunson asked Mr. Martin about some concerns that were addressed in letter from Judson Turner, the former director of the EPD and about a report that was put out by the EPA in 2006 that indicated that weathered toxaphene has more toxicity than technical toxaphene. Commissioner Brunson also inquired if they had an estimate on the Dredge Spoil Area and if there were any concern that the responsible party may back out of the deal.

                Commissioner Browning asked about a presentation made last month and the fact that there is nothing in the Consent Decree that addressed Operable Unit 2 and Operable Unit 3 and inquired if there are plans to proceed with OU2 and OU3 in the future.

                Commissioner Booker inquired about the risk to human health and if Mr. Martin and Mr. Frederick would be comfortable living in Brunswick.

                Commissioner Martin, requested that the word interim be defined as she heard it to be final. She was also curious to know how they quantify it and in moving forward if there is a consent decree, at what length of time we are looking to reassess the risk before something more final is done. She asked about the depth in which soil samples are taken and how can we as a community and as elected governmental officials know that our best interests are at heart.               

City Commissioner Johnny Cason spoke on the fact there is no signage posted in the area off Highway 17 by the towers regarding the fish advisory. Commissioner Cason stated that this has gone on for years and we need it to stop.




The Board did not hold an executive session during this meeting.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.





Bill Brunson, Chairman

                                                                                    Board of Commissioners

                                                                                    Glynn County, Georgia





Dhwani Patel, County Clerk