PRESENT:† †††††††††††††††††† Richard Strickland, Chairman, District 3

Michael Browning, Vice Chairman, District 1

Dale Provenzano, Commissioner, District 2

Bill Brunson, Commissioner, District 4

Allen Booker, Commissioner, District 5

Mark Stambaugh, Commissioner, At Large Post 1


ABSENT:††††††††††††††††††††† Bob Coleman, Commissioner, At Large Post 2


ALSO PRESENT:†††††††††† Alan Ours, County Manager

Aaron Mumford, County Attorney

Cindee Overstreet, County Clerk


Discussion and consideration of voting on the following:


A motion was made by Commissioner Browning and seconded by Commissioner Stambaugh to add item 8 to the published agenda. The motion carried unanimously.


1.†††††††† Roundabout at SR99 and US17 (GDOT)


Rob McCall, District Maintenance Engineer, said the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) will pay for the installation of the roundabout and all signaling and lighting. The roundabout would not affect the adjacent properties.


2.†††††††† Establishment of Land Bank with City of Brunswick


Commissioner Browning asked how the Land Bank would be funded and staffed. He expressed concerns there may not be enough properties in the city and county to justify the creation of another publicly-funded authority.

City Manager Jim Drumm said the Land Bank would be an agency separate from the city and county. The Land Bank would have an executive director and Mr. Drumm suggested current city and county staff, including the legal staff, assist with managing this new agency. †

The Land Bank could not condemn property or take it through eminent domain. It would acquire properties through negotiations and voluntary conveyance and could work with public and private partnerships to develop the properties, with the Board of Educationís consent, and put them back on the market. The Board of Education would need to agree since a portion of the tax proceeds for each property belong to the Board of Education. Cities and counties canít waive or forgive taxes; land banks can.

Commissioner Booker expressed an interest in moving forward with establishing the land bank. He felt the Arco community would benefit from it.

Commissioner Browning asked for additional information, including the amount of seed money the county would need to provide.

The Board did not take action on this item.


3.†††††††† Arson Investigator Ordinance


Community Services Director John Powell reported this amendment to the ordinance would allow certain fire department personnel to investigate arsons. Currently the police department handles these investigations.

The Board agreed to add this item to the November 17, 2016, meeting agenda for consideration of adoption.


4.†††††††† Creation of internal auditor position


Administrative Services Director Tonya Miller presented a proposal to create an internal auditor position. The position would be responsible for internal audits, contract review, and excise tax audits.

She said the salary would be higher than a grade 25. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) would be preferred.

The Board also discussed creating another position to review and oversee county projects and change orders.

It was decided the Board would add consideration of the internal auditor position to the November 17, 2016, meeting agenda. Chairman Strickland asked County Manager Alan Ours to review the feasibility of the contract review position and provide a recommendation at a later date.


5.†††††††† Installation of traffic signal at Colonels Island


The Board agreed to sign the permit application to install the traffic signal and pay for the electricity to operate the light.


6.†††††††† SPLOST 2016 Citizens Oversight Committee


Chairman Strickland said each commissioner would need to appoint a citizen to serve on the committee. The committee will begin April 1, 2017.

County Manager Alan Ours said staff will soon begin writing the Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for the projects so work can begin as soon as the money is collected.

Mr. Ours said the staff plans to provide reports to the Board and citizens often.


7.†††††††† Amending the alcoholic beverage ordinance


The alcohol ordinance requires all alcoholic beverage licenses be considered by the Board of Commissioners after a public hearing is held. Prior to the public hearing, the Police Department performs background checks. The Occupation Tax Officer verifies the business is operating with a business license and checks the zoning and distance requirements to ensure compliance. Then, two ads are placed in the newspaper and a sign is posted at the property. The ordinance also requires the new licensee attend the commission meeting.†

Staff proposed amending the ordinance to allow alcoholic beverage licenses to be issued administratively. The distance requirements check, background checks, zoning check, etc. would continue to be performed by staff. If the applicant met all the requirements, the staff would issue the license. The ordinance could allow the applicant to appeal to the Board of Commissioners when staff denies an application. The Board of Commissioners would still conduct revocation hearings.

If the ordinance is amended, staff could also study the possibility of allowing applicants to submit documentation and payment online rather than in person.


The Board discussed staffís proposal and decided to amend the ordinance to allow renewals and license changes to be issued administratively. Licenses for new locations will continue to be considered by the Board after a public hearing is held.


8.†††††††† Debris pick up in private communities


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is considering approval to reimburse the county for picking up debris in private communities. FEMA has denied Chatham County and Effingham County, but approved reimbursing Hilton Head.

Staff has provided all the information and documentation FEMA has requested and hopes FEMA will agree to reimburse the county for cleanup of private communities.




The Board did not hold an executive session during this meeting.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ____________________________

Richard Strickland, Chairman

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Cindee S. Overstreet, Clerk