TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2016 AT 1:00 PM



PRESENT:                     Richard Strickland, Chairman, District 3

Michael Browning, Vice Chairman, District 1

Dale Provenzano, Commissioner, District 2

Bill Brunson, Commissioner, District 4

Allen Booker, Commissioner, District 5

Mark Stambaugh, Commissioner, At Large Post 1

Bob Coleman, Commissioner, At Large Post 2


ALSO PRESENT:           Alan Ours, County Manager

Aaron Mumford, County Attorney

Cindee Overstreet, County Clerk



1.         Discussion and consideration of voting on the proposed Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST 2016) project list.


                This item was discussed after item 2.

In item 2 below, the Board voted not to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Brunswick which would have allowed the city to have more than its share, based on population, of the SPLOST proceeds. This action required a reduction in the city’s list of projects by $2,227,281.50. The city’s former allocation was $15,995,000, but was reduced to $13,832,154.

                The Board decided to allocate the $2.2 million reduced from the city as follows:

$1,500,000 for parking on the I/J Block and former site of the detention center and the Veteran’s memorial (which would provide parking to the city) and the remaining would be added to the road infrastructure and resurfacing line item on the county’s list.

                The Board discussed funding for the animal control facility and weighed options of remodeling the current facility or rebuilding a new facility, but no decision was made.


2.         Discussion and consideration of voting on the proposed SPLOST 2016 intergovernmental             agreement (IGA) with the City of Brunswick.


            This item was discussed prior to item 1.

County Attorney Aaron Mumford provided an overview of the proposed SPLOST and its timeline. He said the current proposal was for a three and one-half year (3 ˝) SPLOST that would be collected for 14 calendar quarters. Collection would begin April 1, 2017, and end September 30, 2020. He said the Board of Elections would build the ballot as soon as a SPLOST resolution was adopted by the Board of Commissioners.

Commissioner Brunson was concerned the SPLOST proposal (with the IGA) would not pass as drafted. He felt the IGA was confusing and limited the county’s ability to terminate the SPLOST once the needed amount of money was collected.

Commissioner Provenzano and Commissioner Strickland felt the citizens wanted a precise, short list of projects.

Commissioner Booker felt the commissioners and staff could explain the SPLOST proposal and educate the citizens so that the need was understood.

Commissioner Strickland said he couldn’t support the IGA because he felt the City of Brunswick should receive its share based on population, which would be 19.32% instead of the 22.34% the IGA provided. City residents make up 19.32% of the population of Glynn County. 

Commissioner Booker felt that since the SPLOST list included funds for the Jekyll Island Authority and the Joint Water and Sewer Commission (JWSC), neither of which were legally entitled to SPLOST funds, and the Board of Commissioners could use its discretion to include these two entities in the SPLOST it could use its discretion to allocate additional funds to the City of Brunswick over the population share amount.

If the IGA was not approved the SPLOST 2016 list would be amended to reflect the City’s population share of 19.32%, which equated to approximately $13,800,000 of projected SPLOST revenue.

Commissioner Booker felt the reduction of the city’s projects would severely hurt the relationship between the county and city.


A motion was made by Commissioner Browning and seconded by Commissioner Provenzano to reject the intergovernmental agreement with the City of Brunswick. The motion carried 4-3 with Commissioner Booker, Commissioner Coleman, and Commissioner Stambaugh opposed.




There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.





Richard Strickland, Chairman

                                                                                    Board of Commissioners

                                                                                    Glynn County , Georgia





Cindee S. Overstreet, Clerk