MONDAY, JANUARY 6, 2014 AT 6:00 PM


PRESENT:                     Michael Browning, Chairman, District 1

Bob Coleman, Vice Chairman, At Large Post 2

Dale Provenzano, Commissioner, District 2

Richard Strickland, Commissioner, District 3

Mary Hunt, Commissioner, District 4

Allen Booker, Commissioner, District 5

Clyde Taylor, Commissioner, At Large Post 1


ALSO PRESENT:           Alan Ours, County Administrator

Aaron Mumford, County Attorney

Cindee Overstreet, County Clerk




PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD --No requests to speak were received during the sign up period.




Chairman Browning presented appreciation clocks to the 2013 Chairman and Vice Chairman.


1.         Chairman’s nominations to boards and committees.


Altamaha River Partnership (1 appointment)

            Commissioner Browning

Board of Health (1 appointment)

            Commissioner Booker

Brunswick Area Transportation System (BATS) (1 appointment)

            Commissioner Browning

Coastal Regional Commission (CRC) (1 appointment)

            Commissioner Taylor

Community Development Advisory Board (CDAB) (1 appointment)

            Commissioner Coleman

Finance Committee (3 appointments)

            Commissioner Hunt, Chairman

            Commissioner Strickland

            Commissioner Taylor

Gateway Behavioral Health Services (1 appointment)

            Commissioner Coleman

Joint Water and Sewer Commission (JWSC) (1 appointment; two-year term)

            Commissioner Provenzano

Pension Committee (3 appointments)

            Commissioner Strickland, Chairman

            Commissioner Coleman

            Commissioner Booker

Personnel Committee (3 appointments)

            Commissioner Strickland, Chairman

            Commissioner Coleman

            Commissioner Booker

Strategic Community Planning Committee (3 appointments)

            Commissioner Taylor, Chairman

            Commissioner Strickland

            Commissioner Booker

Tourism Bureau (1 appointment)

            Commissioner Hunt

Water Resources Protection Committee (1 appointment)

            Commissioner Provenzano

Line of Succession

Commissioner Browning, Chairman

Commissioner Coleman, Vice Chairman

Commissioner Hunt

Commissioner Strickland

Commissioner Taylor

Commissioner Booker

Commissioner Provenzano


A motion was made by Commissioner Provenzano and seconded by Commissioner Booker to accept the Chairman’s appointments to various boards and committees. The motion carried unanimously.


2.         Received the FY13 Audit and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). (T. Miller)


PUBLIC HEARING – Abandonments


3.         AB2667 - Consider the application for abandonment of a portion of the unopened alley right-of-way between Seventh and Eighth Streets in Block 13 of the East Beach Subdivision adjacent to 4323 Eighth Street (lot 7 and a portion of lot 9), St. Simons Island. Raymond Shingler and Damaras Shingler, applicants. Staff recommended approval of the abandonment, subject to the retention of a drainage easement. (P. Andrews) LINK


County Engineer Paul Andrews reported the following:

SOURCE OF TITLE: Prescriptive based on plat for the East Beach subdivision recorded in Deed book 3R, Pages 312‐315, dated May 30, 1924.

PRESENT USE OF RIGHT‐OF‐WAY: This section of alley is currently not being used for public access; however it is used for public utilities including storm drainage, power, and access to the adjacent property.

PAST HISTORY: This section of the alley has been used as it is currently for several years. There is no evidence of the alley having been open for public access.

POTENTIAL USE IN THE FUTURE: This portion of the right‐of‐way could be used for access to adjacent property and to access and contain utilities.

BENEFIT TO PUBLIC IN CONTINUING USAGE: The public will continue to benefit from the ability to use this right‐of‐way for access and/or utilities.

BENEFIT TO PUBLIC IN ABANDONMENT: Abandonment would return the property to the tax digest.

The applicant has requested that the area of abandonment be revised to include:

1. One‐half (10‐ft) of the alley adjacent to the southern property line

2. One‐half (10‐ft) of the alley along the western property line adjacent to 1908 Ocean Road,

3. A portion (6‐ft) of the alley along the western property line adjacent to 4329 Eighth Street.


Staff reviewed the request and recommended approval, provided a drainage easement was retained over the abandoned area. The neighbor at 4329 Eighth Street was in agreement with the application for abandonment since it allowed for continued use of the existing driveway. The applicant has also executed an easement agreement with Georgia Power for the existing power infrastructure. The County will require that the pool permit, which was under review by the County, is revised to remove the permanent structures from the drainage easement.

The applicant was made aware that the County will not allow permanent structures (including walls, fencing, decking, etc) installed in the alleys or in the drainage easements. A right‐of‐way permit must be issued prior to any work being performed in the alley way or drainage easement. The existing drainage pattern in the area will have to be retained unless improvements are made to provide for drainage.

This item was opened for public comment, yet no one addressed the Board.


A motion was made by Commissioner Coleman and seconded by Commissioner Hunt to approve the abandonment application with the County retaining a drainage easement over the abandoned area. The motion carried unanimously. Resolution #R-01-14




4.         ZM2734 – 4512 & 4520 New Jesup Hwy - Consider a request to rezone from R9 (Single Family) and HC (Highway Commercial) to PD (Planned Development) the property consisting of 5.89 acres on New Jesup Highway. The purpose of the rezoning is to allow for commercial horticulture and residential purposes initially and ultimately commercial purposes.  Parcel Numbers: 03-04215 and 03-04806.  Joseph McClendon, applicant and William Ligon, agent.  (D. Hainley) LINK


Community Development Director David Hainley reported this request is to develop this property in two phases. Phase 1 consists of retaining the two single-family homes on the site and developing a horticultural nursery. Phase 2 will occur in the future and will consist of commercial development meeting the GC (General Commercial) requirements of the zoning ordinance.

Staff and the Mainland Planning Commission recommended approval of the application. This item was opened for public comment, yet no one addressed the Board.


A motion was made by Commissioner Strickland and seconded by Commissioner Hunt to approve ZM2734. The motion carried unanimously. Resolution #R-02-14


5.         SUP2726 – 925 Pennick Road - Consider a request to allow a second dwelling for a medical hardship. The property consists of approximately 4.9 acres located on the west side of Pennick Road, approximately 2 miles from its intersection with Old Jesup Road.  Parcel is zoned FA (Forest Agricultural).  Parcel Number: 03-13776.  Carl and Carol Cooper, owners. (D. Hainley) LINK


Mr. Hainley reported this Special Use Permit would allow a mobile home to be placed as a second dwelling on the subject property pursuant to Section 704 of the Zoning Ordinance, which allows for such when a medical hardship exists. The permit would be issued for two years. After the two-year period, the Community Development Department can extend the permit for an additional two years. After the two-year extension, the applicant would be required to resubmit an application for a new permit.

The Mainland Planning Commission and staff recommended approval. This item was opened for public comment and Carl Cooper asked the Board to approve the permit.


A motion was made by Commissioner Strickland and seconded by Commissioner Coleman to approve SUP2726. The motion carried unanimously. Resolution #R-03-14


CONSENT AGENDA – General Business


6.         Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held December 19, 2013, subject to any necessary corrections.  (C. Overstreet)


7.         Appointed Sarah Taylor, DVM, to serve as the veterinarian on the Glynn County Animal Control Advisory Board.


8.         Appointed Amy Roberts to serve on the Coastal African American Historic Preservation Commission (CAAHPC). The term begins January 1, 2014, and end June 30, 2018.


A motion was made by Commissioner Strickland and seconded by Commissioner Booker to approve all items on the consent agenda. The motion carried unanimously.




The Board did not hold an executive session during this meeting.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:46 p.m.




                                                                                              s/Michael Browning             

Michael Browning, 2014 Chairman

                                                                                    Board of Commissioners

                                                                                    Glynn County, Georgia




      s/Cindee Overstreet           

Cindee S. Overstreet, Clerk