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 Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

FY07 Budget Presentations

Glynn County Board of Commissioners

8:30 A.M., Thursday, April 6, 2006

Third Floor Conference Room

W. Harold Pate Courthouse Annex

Brunswick, Georgia



                        Committee Members:   C. Johnson, U. Keller, & T. Thaw

Other Commissioners: 

Staff:  D. Chunn, P. McNicoll, B. Rowell, C. Stewart







1)      Outside Agency requests and recommendations were reviewed.


·         Civil Air Patrol - It was noted by staff that the recommendation for Civil Air Patrol should be changed to $9,000.  No increase in funding was requested by Civil Air Patrol.

·         CGACAA – Mr. Charles Stewart stated that the requested increase of $2 thousand would restore them to their original appropriation which was reduced several years ago.  Committee agreed.

·         CGRDC – No increase in funding requested.

·         DFACS – Budget Team recommended no increase.  Committee agreed.

·         DA – Majority of increase requested by the District Attorney was for a Human Resources employee.  The County’s Human Resources Department currently provides those services to the DA’s Office.  Budget Team did not recommend the increase.  Committee agreed.

·         EDA – No increase in funding requested.

·         Gateway – Budget Team recommended the $10 thousand increase requested by agency.  Committee agreed.

·         Visitors’ Bureau – Increase of $470,310 resulted from the projected increase in bed taxes. This request will be re-evaluated to ensure that it does not exceed the cap as outlined in the contract.

·         Health Dept. – No increase in funding requested.

·         Public Defender – Increase requested amounted to $12,234.  Budget Team recommended no increase to the Public Defender’s Office.  Committee agreed.

·         SSI Library - $40 thousand increase requested by Library.  Budget Team recommended increase of $11 thousand to be used for salary increases.  This would move their employees’ salaries up to the same level as the Three Rivers Library.  The Committee agreed to the salary increases and also an additional one-time $8 thousand for furniture in the new building.  Committee agreed to appropriation of $52,500 and asked staff to invite Ms. Libby Hogan to meet with them if she so desires.

·         Three Rivers Library – requested increase of $20,519.  Budget Team recommended no increase over FY06 appropriation.  Committee agreed.




2)      Personnel.


·         Juvenile Court – Requested to upgrade two Transport Officers to full time at budget increase of $23,944.  Committee stated that Transport Officer positions will be deleted if the County’s get a Juvenile pod in the Detention Center.  Committee agreed.

·         Recreation – Casino – This is the restoration of a position deleted during building renovation project.  Committee agreed.

·         Recreation – Blythe Island – Part time site attendant is requested because park customers are arriving and departing on weekend without paying for campsites.  Committee agreed.

·         Information Technology – Budget Team withdrew its recommendation for the requested Audio Visual Tech position.  Staff recommended that the services provided by Lone Star Film and Video (Sandy) be terminated and let Burnard Bracy perform all audio visual services for the meetings.  Committee questioned whether the County has a contract with Lone Star and asked staff to report back to the next meeting.  Decision deferred.

·         Police – Animal Control – Commissioner Keller stated that the City should provide an additional officer.  Commissioner Johnson did not support any additional staff provided by the County and Commissioner Thaw asked when the AC staff was last increased.  Committee agreed to defer this item until a decision is reached by the City.  Mr. Charley Stewart is to talk to Mr. Roosevelt Harris, City Manager.  Committee agreed that City employees assigned to Animal Control need to be accountable to the Animal Control Manager.  Decision deferred.

·         GIS Analyst – This position will provide back-up for the GIS Manager.  Commissioner Johnson questioned whether a lower position could be deleted if this position is added.  Mr. Stewart asked to address this at a later meeting.  Decision deferred.

·         Fire Inspector – Ms. Rowell stated that the Fire Chief had requested this position due to the development and construction in the county.  Commissioner Johnson asked what the revenue for inspections has been for the last three years.  Decision deferred.

·         Traffic Engineering – Request is due to increases in the number of signs and signals.  Ms. Rowell stated that Mr. John Carter, Public Works Director, agreed with this request.  He would like to review the department’s staffing at mid-year and bring any requested additions to the Board at that time.  Commissioner Keller questioned whether they were cross-training employees between divisions at Public Works and Ms. Rowell stated that they are.  Commissioner Thaw requested a Public Works Organization Chart.  The Committee agreed to add one Traffic Technician I and to include funds in the Contingency budget for the Public Works Director’s mid-year staffing review.

·         Administration – Facilities Management Trades Worker – This is a Painter requested by Facilities.  Committee agreed.

·         Community Development – Admin Tech – This position is requested to assist with intake.  Committee agreed.

·         Recreation – Selden Park – This position was converted to part-time several years ago as a budget-cutting measure.  Budget Team recommends restoring to a full time position.  Committee agreed.

·         Probate Court – The Judge has requested to convert a part-time Deputy Clerk position to full-time.  The Committee requested a three year history of the Court’s case load and asked staff to invite the Judge to the next meeting.  Decision deferred.

·         Georgia Forestry – 5% pay increases.  If the increase is only $422 per year, the Committee agreed.

·         Magistrate Court – Judge requested to add an Administrative Assistant and Assistant Magistrate Judge.  Staff informed the Committee that the Ms. Jamsky has provided the Judge with a clerk to help with his administrative requirements.  The Committee asked that the Judge present a three year statistical report of the case-load as justification for the Assistant Judge position.  Decision deferred.

·         The Committee agreed with the Budget Team on all other not-recommended requests.


3)      Capital Requests. 


·         The Committee agreed with all items recommended by the Budget Team with the following exceptions and/or comments:


o        #4 Pate Building Generator – Commissioner Thaw agreed that the generator should be 150 kw and that it should be moved outside and placed on stilts.

o        F150 Pick-up Trucks – Commissioner Johnson stated that the last bid for these trucks was $13 thousand and recommended budget is $16 thousand.  He requested that the budget be adjusted and that lights and tool boxes should be transferred from the old trucks to the new ones.

o        #12 F-250 Pick-up Truck – The Committee questioned why Fleet Maintenance had requested to replace a 2003 truck with 21,000 miles.

o        #21 Public Safety Building HVAC Automated System – Staff was requested to determine if this could be purchased with Splost #3 funds.

o        #22 Jet Ski with Trailer for use on SSI beaches – This was denied and staff was directed to notify Recreation and Police that they are to share the Police Jet Ski.

o        Commissioner Thaw requested that the County budget for a First Aid trailer which would be pulled behind a four wheeler for use on the beaches.  Commissioner Johnson stated that the Fire Department has a First Aid trailer that might be suitable.

o        Commissioner Thaw requested location markers on the beach for public safety.

o        #37 Clean, Seal & Tuck Point Public Safety Building – This was denied.

o        Clean, Seal & Tuck Point Office Park Building – This was approved.

o        #39 Hostage Rescue/Negotiation Phone System – This was denied.


The Committee requested a status report on the Building Evaluation and Maintenance plan.  They also questioned what progress has been made on the document storage program.      


The Committee agreed that the funding for the Building, Roads & Equipment Fund would be a transfer from the General Fund.


      Commissioner Thaw requested to see the overall budget after the Sheriff’s budget is received.


The next meeting was set for Thursday, April 20 at 4:00 p.m. in the Historic Courthouse first floor meeting room.