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 Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

FY07 Budget Presentations

Glynn County Board of Commissioners

3:00 P.M., Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First Floor Conference Room

Glynn County Historic Courthouse

Brunswick, Georgia



                        Committee Members:   C. Johnson  & T. Thaw

Other Commissioners:  C. Fendig, D. Hogan

Staff:  W. Bennett, F. Carpenter, D. Chunn, P. McNicoll, J. Peterson, Y. Phillips, B. Rowell, C. Stewart


Others:  Steve Kish



1)                  Consider approving the May 10, 2006 Finance Committee Minutes.


The following motion made by Commissioner Thaw and seconded by Commissioner Johnson passed unanimously.


Approve the May 10, 2006 Finance Committee Minutes.  (Vote:  2-0-0)


2)                  Sheriff’s Budget Request.


Sheriff Wayne Bennett addressed the Committee and stated that his security assessment in the jail revealed that they needed additional staff in the laundry room and in the kitchen.  He stated that the clerical position was needed due to the increase in the population of the jail.  He stated that they average over 400 inmates per day.  He informed the Committee that he had reduced the prescription drug budget by $35 thousand.  He stated that there is no capital budget in his office this year and that the jail is in pretty good physical shape.  Commissioner Thaw questioned how many inmates were in the jail and Sheriff Bennett stated that there were 430 and 20 more had been farmed out to other jails.  Commissioner Thaw asked if any of the three positions requested could be done without and the Sheriff responded that he would need to talk to the detention staff to get their input.  Commissioner Thaw commented that the board of Commissioners needs to reduce the population but he wanted the Sheriff’s Office to them them which position he could do without.  Commissioner Johnson stated that he doesn’t have any problem with putting the job reclassifications in the contingency budget.


3)                  Transportation System Grant.


Commissioner Fendig informed the Committee that two transportation systems were being proposed – Urban Transportation and Rural Transportation (RDC is in charge of this one).  He stated that it has come to the point where the County needs public transportation.  He said that the local match is $200 thousand, the City has committed $100 thousand and the County needs to budget $100 thousand for its share.  He said they are trying to partner with the Board of Education, Sea Island Company, and FLETC.  Mr. York Phillips, Planning Division Manager, stated that the regional system comes from rural grant funds and Commissioner Thaw said that he was not considering the Rural program.  Commissioner Thaw questioned whether the County would be obligated to continue the program if the state discontinues funding.  It was not known if the County would be required to continue the program.  Commissioner Fendig stated that the money needs to be set aside to begin the process.  Mr. Steve Kish, DOT, stated that the County could not mix this grant with the school system.  He informed the Committee that the state will fund 10%, federal with fund 80% and local match would be used for the remaining 10%.  He stated that the state will be glad to put Glynn County’s program in their 2008 budget request.


4)                  Personnel Items.


Commissioner Fendig said that Judge Barton did not attend the meeting so he didn’t get to talk to him.  He stated that the Judge needs the extra Assistant Magistrate Judge to help with the jail population reduction program.  The following motion made by Commissioner Thaw and seconded by Commissioner Johnson passed unanimously.


Approve the addition of an Assistant Magistrate Judge to the County’s FY06/07 Budget.  (Vote:  2-0-0)


5)                  St. Simons Island Beaches Capital Plan.

Mr. Charles Stewart, County Administrator, stated that he would like to make some improvements to the Massengale bathrooms before next summer.  Commissioner Thaw wanted to make improvements at the Coast Guard Park and to the closed bathroom at Massengale.  Commissioner Thaw questioned the status of the beach handicap mats and was told that they would be ordered as soon as the County gets the permits from DNR.   He said that staff needs to go ahead and order them.   Commissioner Fendig recommended budgeting $400 thousand for the two parks.  He suggested funding a new bathroom, paving and landscaping at Coast Guard and drainage and crossover at Massengale.  The following motion made by Commissioner Thaw and seconded by Commissioner Johnson passed unanimously.


Approve adding $400 thousand to the contingency budget for improvements at the Coast Guard Park and Massengale Park.  (Vote 2-0-0)


6)                  Budget Summary.

Mr. Stewart informed the Committee that the proposed budget included increases over the prior year’s budget as follows:

            Administrative Services          Judicial Odyssey System                   $275 k

            County Administration             Public Wks Contingency                      100 k

                                                            Barnett Facility Rent                             100 k

                                                            Facilities Mgt Contingency                      50 k

                                                            Island ROW Mowing                               56 k

            Facilities Management            Office Park Reroofing                           247 k

            Transfers Out                         Road Resurfacing                                 645 k


7)                  Budget Public Hearing and Adoption Schedule.

Staff suggested that the Budget Public Hearing be held on June 8, 2006 and that the adoption be scheduled for June 15, 2006.  The Committee agreed with the schedule.