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Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

Glynn County Board of Commissioners

4:00 P.M., Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Third Floor Conference Room

W. Harold Pate Courthouse Annex Building

Brunswick, Georgia




                        Committee Members: M. Bedner, J. Chapman, and F. Tullos


Staff: C. Alexander, J. Bruner, M. Doering, M. Eckert, C. Johnson, R. Guarracino, P. McNicoll, G. Moore, J. Nazzrie, J. Pereles, B. Pittman, K. Taylor and D. West

Press:   J. Berlin



1.  Consider awarding the bid to the low bidder, Hedges Construction Co., Fairburn, GA, in the amount of $7,580,000 and that a loan of up to $3,975,000 be obtained to finance the SPLOST III shortfall for the Public Safety Complex Project with repayment at the end of calendar year 2001 using excess SPLOST III revenue.

Mr. Mark Eckert, County Administrator, gave a brief overview of the project.  Staff then presented all information provided to the Committee in their packets after which they entertained questions from the Committee members.

Gary Moore, County Attorney, stated that the item labeled “Property Condemnation Legal Fees” was inaccurate, that he would provide legal services in house but the purchase price of the condemnation would need to be funded. 

Commissioner Tullos questioned whether the $8.8 million projected overage in taxes was just for 2001 and if so, what was the 2002 projection made up of.  He was informed that the 2002 projection was for monies received in 2002 for November and December sales.  He asked if there would be an increase in staff as a result of the new complex and was told that staff would increase by 6 employees who will staff the new fire station.  Carl Alexander, Police Chief, stated that dispatchers from the City will move to the County.  Commissioner Tullos inquired about the funding for the E911 operation and whether the City and County will be sharing in the costs.  Mark Eckert, County Administrator, said that staff is in the process of developing a budget for the Joint E911 Center with the merging staff.  Commissioner Tullos asked if the State Patrol would be using our 800 MHz system and Mr. Eckert said that they are waiting for a new state system. 

Commissioner Chapman questioned about the length of the construction project and Mr. Ralph Guarracino, Purchasing Agent, said that the construction period will be for 365 days.  Commissioner Chapman asked Mr. Eckert if he thought the $330,000 contingency was adequate and Mr. Eckert responded that he did not.  Commissioner Chapman said that he would normally figure 20% contingency but agreed that it should be changed to approximately 10%, or $750,000.  He asked if the City would be entitled to any of the excess funds and Mr. Moore stated that the excess funds are legally County money.  He stated that the City does not have claim to it but there is a way to share it if the Commissioners so desire.  Commissioner Tullos stated that the fact that this is a County-wide project should resolve that issue.

Commissioner Bedner questioned the construction company’s qualifications.  Mr. Guarracino stated that the Engineering firm has checked and has received glowing recommendations.  Carl Johnson, Fire Chief, said that he had spoken with the Colquitt County, GA, County Administrator.  This contractor is currently working on a Courthouse Renovation in Colquitt County.  He stated that they were very pleased with the work that is being done there.  Commissioner Bedner inquired as to whether we could borrow the money and Phyllis McNicoll, Finance Director, stated that we would be able to borrow the requested amount.  He asked for more information of the land that was given by Branigar and was informed that the 30 acres has been given to the County and will remain with the County as long as it is used by the government.    He asked if the GA DOT will pay rent for the four acres that they have requested.  Mr. Jim Bruner, County Engineer, said that we hope they will help with the 4-laning of the road and with the traffic signal. 

The following motion made by Commissioner Bedner and seconded by Commissioner Chapman passed unanimously.

Recommend approval of the Recommend approval of the following:

A)     Approve $1,475,000 of essential additions to the E-911 Center to be included in the construction costs of the Public Safety Complex project;

B)    Award the bid for the Public Safety Complex buildings to the low bidder, Hedges Construction Co., Fairburn, GA, in the amount of $7,580,000;

C)    Obtain a loan of up to $4,395,000 to finance the Public Safety Complex project budget shortfall, with repayment at the end of the calendar year 2001 using excess SPLOST III revenues; and

D)    Authorize the use of $920,000 from SPLOST III interest earnings for the Public Safety Complex project.

(Vote: 3-0-0)