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Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

FY06 Budget Presentations

Glynn County Board of Commissioners

9:00 A.M., Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Third Floor Conference Room

W. Harold Pate Courthouse Annex

Brunswick, Georgia



                        Committee Members:  H. Lynn, and U. Keller

Other Commissioners:  C. Johnson

Staff:  D. Chunn, M. Doering, P. McNicoll, C. Stewart, S. Trautz


Others:   W. Houseman, J. Caldwell, S. Mooney, W. Parks, M. Permar, L. Hogan, J. Darby, L. Dawson




1)      FY06 Outside Agencies presentations.


a)      Civil Air Patrol

      Commander William Houseman presented the request from the Civil Air Patrol and stated that the funding from the County is used to fly the Sundown Patrol.  They currently fly four days, from Thursday through Sunday, but the increased fuel costs will result in a decrease in the number of days the Sundown Patrols are flown unless additional funding is received.  The Civil Air Patrol appropriation from the County is funded by the County’s Accommodation Excise Taxes.


b)      Gateway Behavioral Health Services

      Mr. William Parks, Gateway CFO, gave a brief overview of the services provided by Gateway and the benefit to Glynn County.  He said they had been notified that state funding will be reduced by a minimum of 20% but the state expects them to maintain the same level of service.  He stated that the local Community Services Board is trying to consolidate the 8 county services into three counties – Glynn, Liberty, and Chatham.


c)      St. Simons Island Public Library

      Mr. Mathew Permar, Library Board Chairman, stated that the $50 thousand increase requested included funding for temporary space and moving expenses related to the Casino renovation.  He discussed the proposed merger with the Three Rivers Regional Library and stated that their ability to solicit private funds would be reduced if the merger takes place.  He stated that even though the Library currently charges a membership fee, it is not a private library.


d)      Three Rivers Regional Library

Mr. Jim Darby, Director, stated that there were four reasons for the request for the $81,320 increase in funding from the County.  They had requested funding for two additional employees, pay raises for the locally funded employees, $20,000 for increased building and grounds maintenance, and $20,000 for book purchases.  The Committee questioned why their budget showed no increases from other governmental agencies.  Mr. Darby stated that they had requested additional funding from the City of Brunswick.


e)      Coastal GA Area Community Action Authority

Mr. Leonard Dawson, Executive Director, gave a brief description of the services provided by the Community Action Authority in Glynn County.  He requested that funding be increased to the level appropriated prior to cuts in funding several years ago.


After discussion the Committee agreed to recommend the following:

·         Coastal Georgia Area Community Action Authority - $23,000

·         Civil Air Patrol - $9,000

·         Gateway Behavioral Health Services - $250,000

·         SSI Library - $33,500 ($21,300 in temporary space and moving will be budgeted by the County)

·         Three Rivers Library - $285,000 (Facilities Maintenance will be budgeted by the County)