Other Common Prohibited Activities and Issues

Ordinance 2-16-255 Summary

This is no place for junk

Blockage of Drainage Ditches, Unlawful Storage, Vehicles (considered junk), Appliances (considered junk), Scavenging and others are hereby declared to be unlawful and in violation of this Article. :

Fine: up to $1000

Ordinance 2-16-255 - Prohibited activities - Generally

The following activities are hereby declared to be unlawful and in violation of this Article.
  • Public streets and private property. No person shall place any accumulations of refuse and trash in any street, median strip, alley or other public place of travel, nor upon any private property except with the written consent and then only in accordance with the provisions of this Article. 
  • Blockage of drainage. No person shall place any refuse, trash, refuse receptacles, or containers on, over or near any storm drain or drainage ditches, or so close thereto as to cause such material to interfere in any way with such drainage. 
  • Unauthorized storage. Any accumulation of refuse or trash items on any lot, property, premises, public streets, alley or other public or private place not permitted by this Article is hereby declared to be a public nuisance. Failure of owner or occupant to remove and correct any such accumulation of refuse shall raise the presumption that such person intended to violate this Article.
  • Junk. It shall be unlawful for any person to place or leave outside any building or dwelling except as specified in subsection 
  • any dilapidated furniture, appliance, machinery, equipment, building material, junked motor vehicle, or other items which is either in a partially rusted, wrecked, junked, dismantled or inoperative condition, and which is not completely enclosed within a building or dwelling. Any such item or items which remain on the property of the occupant for a period of thirty (30) days after notice of violation of this Article, shall be presumed to be abandoned and subject to being removed from the property by the County without further notice. The County may charge the owner or occupant a fee for the cost of removing said item or items. This section shall not apply to licensed junk dealers or currently licensed establishments engaged in the repair, rebuilding, reconditioning, or salvaging of equipment or furniture.
  • Appliances. It shall be unlawful for any person to leave outside any building in a place accessible to children any appliance, refrigerator, or other container which has an airtight snap lock or similar device without first removing there from the lock or door. This Section shall not apply to any appliances, refrigerators or container which has been placed on or adjacent to the rear of the building and which has been crated, strapped or locked so that it will be impossible for a child to obtain access to any compartment thereof. 
  • Scavenging. No person other than the owner thereof, or an agent or employee of the County, shall disturb or interfere with any container used for the purpose of storing refuse pending its collection, or remove any contents there from or remove such container from its location.
  • Scattering of refuse and littering prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to: 
    • Throw or deposit any refuse on any public or private street or to scatter such refuse or litter on any public or private property; or 
    • Throw or deposit any refuse, trash, or debris in any marsh area, stream, drainage ditch, body of water or beach area. 
  • Use of streets. It shall be unlawful for any vehicle transporting loose materials on any County road to transport same without suitable covers securely fastened to the vehicle. This Section shall not apply to the transportation of poultry, livestock, silage or other feed grain used in the feeding of poultry or livestock.