Building Code Inspections / Enforcement

Making sure plans are building code compliant

The Building Department keeps up with the latest information regarding the building codes that need to be enforced.
On October 1, 1991, the Uniform Codes Act became effective in Georgia. On July , 2004, this Act was revised to make the following eight construction codes mandatory as the Georgia State Minimum Standard Codes. Listed below are the code editions adopted by the Georgia Department of Community
Affairs as of January 1, 2007:

International Building Code 2012 Edition
International Fuel Gas Code 2012 Edition
International Mechanical Code 2012 Edition
International Plumbing Code 2012 Edition
National Electrical Code 2014 Edition
International Fire Code 2012 Edition
International Energy Conservation Code 2009 Edition
International Residential Code 2012 Edition
The Georgia Department of Community Affairs specifically omitted the plumbing and electrical requirements of the International Residential Code for One and Two-Family Dwellings, Therefore, the plumbing requirements of the International Plumbing Code and the electrical requirements of the National Electrical Code must be used for one and two-family dwelling construction.

All of the above codes have Georgia Amendments.

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