Real Property Tax Exemptions

Tax Exempt Property
Certain types of property, (i.e. Non-profit homes for the aged, Public property, Places of religious worship and no rent income residences, Property used for charitable purposes, Places of religious burial, Charity hospitals, Educational institutions, Air and water pollution equipment and Farm products in hands of producer.) Are exempt from ad valorem taxation. Tax exempt status must be approved by the Board of Tax Assessors before tax liability will be removed..

Freeport Exemptions
Glynn County ratified a local Freeport exemption on 11/2/76. This exemption includes county and any municipal corporation within the county and covers 100% of inventory destined to be shipped outside Georgia.

Homestead Valuation Freeze Exemption
This county has enacted a homestead valuation freeze exemption. This exemption will freeze the valuation of property at the base year valuation for as long as the homeowner owns and resides on the property.

Timber Tax
Standing timber is assessed for ad valorem taxation only once, at the time of harvest or sale, separate and apart from the underlying land. Such timber is assessed at 100% of its fair market value.

All timber harvests or sales must be reported in the county where the timber was grown to the Tax Assessor's Office. The tax is paid to the Tax Commissioner of that county.

Intangible Recording
The Georgia intangible recording tax is paid to the Clerk of Superior Court (554-7272) by holders of "long term" notes secured by real estate. The rate is $1.50 per $500 or fraction thereof of the loan. These taxes are generally paid by closing attorneys, but private citizens occasionally must pay the tax if they are actually making a loan to someone with real estate as collateral.