Public Information Office

The Public Information Office is responsible for managing media relations efforts on behalf of the Board of Commissioners and its administrative departments. It is the goal of this department to provide clear and open communications to the citizens of Glynn County about the government's goals, activities, and services. 

In addition to traditional media outlets, Comcast Cable provides the Glynn County Board of Commissioners with a public access channel on channel 99.  You can watch live streaming Board of Commissioner meetings and Glynn County Board of Education meetings in addition to local interest programming on this channel.

Be sure to follow the “Glynn County Board of Commissioners” on Facebook and @GlynnCounty on Twitter.  

For general inquiries, concerns, or service requests, contact the Customer Service Center at 912-554-7111. 

Latest Media Releases


July 17 - Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee applications
July 3 - North Harrington Rd. closure

June 29 - 4th of July notices
June 27 - Mosquito Control aerial spraying 
June 20 - Mosquito Control aerial spraying
March 3 - Trash Free Beach Policy 
                    Trash Free Beach FAQs

February 21 - Harrington Ln. closure
February 21 - Demere Rd. lane closure
February 22 - JWSC work along Palmetto St.
February 27 - North Glynn Skate Park closure
February 28 - Enterprise St. closure 

January 25 - Shore Rush Dr. lane closure
January 24 - JWSC work along Frederica Rd. continues
January 19 - Change in Roundabout traffic pattern
January 13 - Buckswamp Rd. closure 
January 12 - JWSC work along Frederica Rd. 
January 12 - Tree work to begin over Frederica Rd.
January 5 - JWSC project to cause road and lane closures