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 Glynn County Georgia Tax Commissioner
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Phone (912) 554-7000 Option 2 for Property Taxes, Fax (912) 267-5684


Taxpayers now have the opportunity to pay their personal property taxes, real estate taxes and mobile home taxes online or by phone.

Pay Taxes Online
View Tax Information and Bills Online

We are now taking payments by phone through our Online Payment System. The number is (855) 985-1095. The fees that will be charged are 2.95% plus $0.9for Credit Cards and $1.90 for e-check (EFT/ACH).

Credit Card

As part of our commitment to provide our customers with efficient and convenient service, we are pleased to provide the following payment options over the Internet, using major credit cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
all cards

- The Tax Commissioner's Office is pleased to be able to offer payment of taxes by the Internet. Please note there is a 

2.95% convenience fee with a minimum fee of $1.95

 for a credit card payment. Glynn County Tax Office does not charge, collect or retain any portion of this fee. Our third-party vendor charges this fee. The fee is collected and split between the credit card companies and the third-party vendor, which processes the transactions. Unfortunately, the only way we can offer these payment options is through convenience fees. It would not be financially prudent for our office to pay these convenience fees with taxpayer dollars, particularly for those taxpayers who do not elect to use these methods of payment. We offer this strictly as a convenience. We are finding that taxpayers are increasingly using these optional methods of payment to have more time to pay or to take advantage of reward programs offered by the credit card companies. 

Example of Convenience fee:
 $2500.00    Tax Amount 
     $73.25    Convenience Fee of 2.95% 
$2573.25     Total charge to your account 

e-Check  echeck 78

Taxpayers can pay by an electronic check also referred to as an e-check for a flat rate of .95 convenience fee.

Example of eCheck Fee:
 $2500.00    Tax Amount 
       $0.95    eCheck Fee
$2500.95     Total charge to your account 

Payments, corrections, and/or other adjustments made today may not be reflected until after 2 business days. 

 Payment Method.
Online payment must be made by e-check or credit card: MasterCard, Discover or Visa.

Confirmation. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you supplied. You may wish to save or print this email for your records. 

Current and past years' tax bills are online for payment. If property taxes from a previous year are owed on the taxed property, payment of the prior year tax can not be accepted online at this time, because of additional steps required to process such payments. It is recommended that taxpayers contact the Glynn County Tax office to inquire or pay any previous year property taxes owed.

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