Commercial Door-to-door Solicitation Permit

Glynn County Commissioners adopted a Commercial Door-to-door Solicitation ordinance in 2014. The Door-to-door solicitation ordinance responds to our community's concern by enhancing their safety, helping maintain their privacy, and regulating solicitation activity in Glynn County.

Commercial Door-to-door Solicitation Ordinance (pdf)
Door-to-door Solicitation Permit Application

Residents may put their names on a No Solicitation list or display a No Solicitation sign.
  • Register for the No Solicitation list by clicking here or calling Customer Service at 912 554-7111

Citizen's Rights:
  • Residents have the right to ask a Solicitor for their identification permit.
  • An owner or lawful occupant may register their property for the "No Solicitation" list or display a "No Solicitation" sign. The list - addresses only - is accessible from the County's website.
  • Residents may call the County Police if the solicitor either fails to show the proper identification badge or, if the solicitor is not operating within allowed solicitation hours. No Door-to-door solicitation between 8:00 pm and 8:00 am. Dispatch: 912-554-3645 or County Police Admin: 912-554-7800