Park Projects

  1. Maintenance Facility
  2. Marina Parking Expansion
  3. Campground Electrical Upgrades

Construction on a maintenance facility for park operations began in July 2022.  The maintenance shed is 1200 sf with indoor workspace, equipment storage bay, park operations office, and staff break room.  The facility opened in December 2022.

  BIRP Maintenance shed 101722 1BIRP Maintenance shed 101722 3

  1. Lake Cindee Fishing Platform
  2. Park VISION Plan
  3. Timber Harvest
  4. Current Projects

With the financial support of the Blythe Island Regional Park Boating and Fishing Club, the Two Way Sport Fishing Club, and Glynn County taxpayers and the Board of Commissioners, a freshwater fishing platform was constructed at Lake Cindee in Fall 2022.  The platform is 80' long x 16' wide and includes a handicap parking space and sidewalk.  A "First Cast" ceremony was held on November 17th.  The platform will enhance lake fishing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

The fishing platform was featured on the cover of the 2023 Glynn County Recreation and Parks Department Activity Guide.  

2023 GCRPD Activity Guide CoverFishing Platform 2

First Cast

Danny Harvey Lisa Gurganus and Chuck FaulkWayne Neal and group