The SPLOST 2022 referendum was approved by Glynn County voters during the General Election on November 8, 2022.  Collections from the one-cent Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax will begin in April 2023 and end in March 2029 (6 years). Glynn County will receive our first SPLOST monthly revenue on May 31, 2023.

This one percent sales tax will pay for new sidewalks, drainage projects for storm preparedness, recreation and park enhancements, road and traffic improvements, public safety needs, and general infrastructure around the county. In addition, this revenue will be shared by our local partners including the City of Brunswick, the Jekyll Island Authority, the Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water & Sewer Commission, the Glynn County Airport Commission, and the Golden Isles Development Authority.

This webpage will continue to be your informational resource for SPLOST 2022 projects, progress, and updates.  This will consist of project assessments, revenue collections, and status notifications on all Glynn County Tier 1 projects.  We will also include funding disbursements to our local partners.

Glynn County has developed and implemented a Director of Business Integration & Project Management position that reports directly to the County Manager.  A primary duty for this position is to provide executive-level oversight of all county capital improvement projects including SPLOST projects.  

If you have questions or feedback regarding SPLOST22 projects, you can use the email: splost2022@glynncounty-ga.gov.  This email will be monitored by staff and commissioners. 

1% = 100% IMPACT for Glynn County

1% of all sale taxes supported by visitors and locals could contribute to improving the community infrastructure used every day by the Glynn County residents.  

We have a vision, this 1% has a purpose.

What is SPLOST:  

    In 1985, the Georgia Legislature gave counties the option to implement a one cent Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, known as SPLOST.  A SPLOST is an optional one percent county sales tax used to fund capital outlay projects proposed by the county government and participating qualified municipal governments.  The SPLOST was conceived and enacted as a county tax for funding capital projects.  This tax requires voter approval and allows counties to raise funds for projects otherwise funded from other tax sources.  

 Why a SPLOST:

    SPLOST funds are invested in projects that have long-term benefits and use for citizens of Glynn County.  Residents have input on the list of projects through Town Hall meetings and Public Hearings with the County Commission.  SPLOST funding also helps keep property taxes lower for citizens by allowing tourists, renters and non-residents contribute through the 1 cent tax. 

 What Projects are approved for a SPLOST program:

    A list of approved projects is compiled by the Glynn County Board of Commissioners through a series of listening sessions and public input from the community.  The final project list is approved by the Board and presented to the community prior to the referendum.  


SPLOST 2022 Projects

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