Policy Preface


With publication of the revised Glynn County Police Department Policy Manual, our agency proudly takes a bold, new approach to providing law enforcement services to our community consistent with evolving 21st Century professional standards and best practices. With each passing year, the administration of justice becomes more complex and professionally demanding, requiring greater dedication and commitment from our officers and non-sworn civilian support personnel. As a result, it is critical that we provide our officers not only with the highest quality recruit training provided under the auspices of the Georgia Police Officer Standards and Training Council, but also with constant in-service review of basic law enforcement competencies, additional advanced training in other critical disciplines, such as development of community engagement programs and partnerships, traffic enforcement and accident investigation, and major crime investigative skills, as well as a comprehensive, clearly presented set of policies and procedures to guide them in the course of their daily duties. 

This manual has been designed to provide the employees of the Glynn County Police Department with readily accessible, contemporary reference information pertaining to best practices, tailored to our specific needs, and incorporated into department policy. It is not possible to create a policy manual which is capable of specifically addressing all the many unique challenges our officers and civilian staff are asked to face on a daily basis. As a result, our officers are expected to apply their expertise and training to each unique problem with which they are confronted, and to use initiative, resourcefulness and sound judgment while judiciously exercising their professional discretion in resolving conflict and restoring order. Officers and civilian staff are given the legal authority and are charged with the responsibility to prevent and detect criminal activity, apprehend offenders, protect life and property and to enforce laws and ordinances vigorously. This must be accomplished in a manner that will inspire the confidence and respect of the public we serve. An officer must function with sensitivity, self-control, impartiality and, above all, integrity. 

Consider this manual as the key to your success in the Glynn County Police Department. Study it and refer to it as often as necessary. Along with your supervisors, training officers and more experienced fellow officers, it will guide you to sound decision making, and to a long and rewarding career as a professional law enforcement officer in the service of our community. With great power comes great responsibility. Each of us is accountable for our actions and decisions. Use this manual as your guide to making the right decision, at the right time, and for the right reason! Thank you for what you do!

Chief of Police Jacques S. Battiste