Crime Victims Liaison Office

Glynn County Police have a Crime Victim Liaison who provides victims with guidance and support throughout an investigation and court proceedings. The Crime Victim Liaison reports to the Criminal Investigations Division Commander.

Under Georgia law (OCGA 17-17-1), victims of many types of crimes have rights and responsibilities which are spelled out in the Victim's Bill of Right. 

As a crime victim you have the right to be notified of:

  • Arrest of the accused
  • Availability of Victim service programs
  • Availability of compensation for victims of violent crimes
  • Any court hearings where the release of the accused will be considered
  • Release of the accused
  • All court proceedings during prosecution of the case
  • Any motion for new trial or appeal dates (post conviction)
  • Any change in status of the defendant (this must be a formal, written request)

You also have the right to:

  • Express your opinion on the release of the accused pending court proceedings
  • Express your views on the outcome of the case prior to pleas or sentencing 
  • Compile and present a victim's impact statement

Your responsibility comes in that to be notified You must provide law enforcement or their representatives with a current address and telephone number.

IF your telephone number changes, you must notify the Glynn County Detention Center (912-554-7600), the  Glynn County State Court Solicitors Office (912-554-7348) and/or the Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney (912-554-7200). Failure to advise these offices with a change of contact information could lead to your input not being received or you not being notified of proceedings. 

The Liaison's office is at GCPD Headquarters in the Public Safety Complex. The office number is 912-279-2907 and can be emailed at 


  • Victims Assistance Program, Compensation and Rights 912-554-7200
  • Amity House Domestic Violence Shelter 912-264-HELP or 912-264-4357
  • Child Support Recovery 877-423-4746
  • Rape Crisis Center 800-205-7037
  • Probation Office for pre-trial bond orders 912-261-8007
  • Mental health and drug treatment (Gateway) 912-554-8500
  • Health Department 912-264-3961
  • Juvenile Court 912-554-7039
  • Magistrate Court 912-554-7250