Fix Your Pet


  1. Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia (Brunswick)
  2. Animal Refuge Foundation (Jesup)
  3. First Coast No More Homeless Pets (Jacksonville)
  4. Best Friends Network Spay/Neuter Resource Map (national)
  5. RedRover Urgent Care Grants are given for urgent and emergency veterinary care to help fill a financial gap.
  6. Waggle is a crowdfunding website designed specifically to help people with the cost of veterinary care for their pets. 
  7. is a database created by Aunt Bertha to find a variety of assistance, including support for veterinary care costs.
  8. National Frankie’s Friends Fund provides grants for pets who need life saving or specialty veterinary care when their families can’t afford it.
  9. Friends and Vets Helping Pets provides grants to families who need support covering their pet’s veterinary care costs. They also have a database of veterinarians that they work with directly to help reduce costs. 
  10. Care Credit is a credit card that can cover medical expenses for both people and pets, allowing people to split the cost into payments rather than paying a large amount of money up front.
  11. Scratchpay provides flexible payment plan options for medical bills to spread out the unexpected cost, rather than paying everything at once.