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Yard Debris:


As of July 1, 2021, the Georgia outdoor burning requirements have changed. No permit is required for hand-piled natural vegetation/yard debris, meaning leaves and limbs only. 

Glynn County residents are legally required to follow five practices when burning yard debris.

  1. You must measure the space between the burn pile and the existing brush or woodlands. You must be 25 feet or more from the existing brush or woodlands.
  2. Your hand pile must be at least 50 feet from any structure, whether that structure is occupied or not. (i.e. Homes, barns, sheds, etc...) 
  3. Your burn has a start time and a must-be completely out time. Your burn may start at sunrise, but it must be completely out by sunset. NO BURNING AT NIGHT!
  4. Your fire must have someone of legal age attending it at all times, or it will be considered an illegal burn. There shall be a reliable water source available to help extinguish the fire if it becomes necessary. (i.e. water hose) 
  5. Before starting your fire, you must take reasonable precautions; such as making sure the fire will be contained. You must ensure that your hand pile does not exceed a size you cannot quickly extinguish. You may have to clear the ground around your hand pile and place bricks around it. Any common sense safety precautions to help you have a safe burn.

    Please click here to a watch video provided by Georgia Forestry for a visual understanding. 


Land Clearing Debris:


When clearing land contact the Glynn County Fire Prevention Division to have the site inspected for the authorization and use of an Air Curtain Destructor (ACD). If it is determined that you can burn the land-clearing debris, you will be given a copy of the regulations on how to set up an air curtain destructor (ACD), the inspection requirements, and operational guidelines. Burning can begin at 10:00 am and must be completely extinguished by dark. Someone must remain with the fire at all times.

Warming and Cooking Fires:


Warming and cooking fires are allowed in Glynn County except on the BEACHES. Warming fires must be of naturally grown wood or Charcoal. There must be people around the fire to make it a warming fire or a cooking fire.

Glynn County Fire-Rescue along with Georgia Forestry may at times issue a Ban on any burning in Glynn County due to weather conditions.

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