Watch Commanders and Shift Supervisors may conduct investigations into minor violations against subordinate personnel and, if appropriate, conclude with a disciplinary conference with the employee which shall be documented and forwarded to the appropriate Division Commander. Watch Commanders and Shift Supervisors shall have the authority to administer discipline for minor violations and to dispense written reprimands, and conduct corrective discipline conferences with subordinates. All major violations shall be referred to the Office of the Chief who will, at his discretion, route them to an Internal Affairs Investigator for investigation and or review. Complaints should be directed to the appropriate Division Commander.


Citizens are able to commend officers if they believe the service they received goes above and beyond their expectations.  These commendations are often presented to the officer during either shift briefing, or a meeting with the Chief of Police. If you want to commend an officer, please click the button below to download our PDF form.


Your complaint will be brought to the attention of the Police Chief or his representative and if he determines that the matter merits special inquiry, he will assign an investigator to gather all the facts. Once the investigator has filed his report, senior police officials will carefully review it, including the Police Chief, and a final disposition will be made. It may be necessary, during the investigation of this complaint, for you to meet with a member of the Glynn County Police Department and discuss this complaint. If any action is initiated through a court or administrative hearing as a result of your complaint, your testimony before these proceedings may be required. Please know that any false, misleading or untrue statements, accusations or allegations, made by you, either orally or in writing, to any person(s) investigating this complaint may subject to civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Please fill out the form below and return it to the on-duty watch commander at:
157 Public Safety Blvd Brunswick, GA 31525