Revetment Project

On March 9, 2018, Governor Deal signed House Bill 683 which designated $10 million to the OneGeorgia Authority (the funding mechanism for the Georgia Department of Community Affairs) for beach renourishment projects. As such, the OneGeorgia Authority is seeking to issue a one-time grant in an amount up to $2.5 million in periodic reimbursement payments to Glynn County. Funds allocated to the County may be used for necessary studies, planning/consulting/engineering activities, obtaining necessary state and/or federal permits, construction or reconstruction of beaches and/or dunes (including dredging and placement of sand), location-appropriate natural vegetation necessary to maintain dunes, construction/reconstruction of dunes, installation of rock revetments, or other activities deemed appropriate by the OneGeorgia Authority. Per the terms of the extended agreement, work is to be completed by April 30, 2021, or the County will forfeit the balance of funds.

U.S Army Corps of Engineers Permit

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Letter of Permission

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