Surrendering a pet

RE-HOME by is a free tool to find a new home for your pet without coming to the shelter. 


We accept pet surrenders from Glynn County residents 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. every day except Sundays & Wednesdays. No appointment necessary. 

We are an open admission facility with limited space and resources. We can't guarantee we can find another home for the animal you are surrendering. We do not have a vet clinic on site and cannot provide vet care or euthanasia service for your pet.

We do not trap cats or pick up animals you want to surrender. You can rent a trap from us for a week for a $25 refundable deposit. We will accept the animal once you trap and bring him/her to our shelter during open hours.

Please note - if you do have to surrender your pet to Glynn County Animal Control, you must show proof of Glynn County residency. 

If you find a stray in Glynn County but do not live here, you must show either proof of employment within the County or proof of current vacation stay.

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