Electronic Filing

efile change

Rule 6.1 Effective July 2, 2020

When an attorney or party e-files a motion or any response, the attorney or party shall notify the opposing parties and the assigned Judge or Judge's designee by e-mail of the motion or response contemporaneously but no later than 24 hours after e-filing.

When e-filing motions or responses, the attorney must attach proof of emailing that was sent to the Judge as an attachment to the motion or response.  Motions or Responses that does not have an attached proof of service to the Judge, will be rejected.  If you have any questions, you can call Rebecca Walden at 912-554-7290 or Robin McGregor at 912-554-7279.

Rule 6.1


TO BEGIN E-FILING, LOGIN OR REGISTER WITH ODYSSEY EFILEGA -  https://efilega.tylertech.cloud/OfsEfsp/ui/landing  ***Internet Explorer is not a supported browser. Chrome, FireFox or Edge are recommended for a better experience***

January 1, 2019 - Mandatory Civil eFiling

**Please note - if you need service on a party, you will need to do a Sheriff's entry of service (three part carbon) along with service copies and take it to the Sheriff's office.  If you choose service and payment thru Odyssey eFileGA then you will need to bring the Sheriff's entry of service (three part carbon) with service copies to Superior Court and we will get it to the Sheriff's office.

Senate Bill 407                                                        

eFiling Fees - Courts may charge up to $30 for each initial filing per party, remit $2 back to the county for each filing and a supplemental fee of $5 for each filing after a party has made ten electronic filings

Processing Fees - A convenience fee for credit card and bank drafting services may be assessed but is not to exceed 3.5% plus $.30 per transaction

Odyssey eFile GA - What will be charged with eFiling with Odyssey eFile GA

eFiling Fees - Tyler will only charge $19 for the initial filing for each filing party per case, $2 from every initial filing will be transferred to the clerk and Tyler will not charge the $5 supplemental fee that is allowed, per SB 407

Processing Fees - Tyler will charge a 2.89% convenience fee per credit card transaction and eChecks at $.25 per transaction

Announcement Regarding Initial Fee of $19.00

Tyler has received several inquiries concerning the newly implemented $19.00 eFileGA fee and how this fee is assessed. The first subsequent filing into a case for 2019 will be charged the $19.00 fee and any additional subsequent filings into that case by that specific filer from that firm, will not be charged the $19.00 fee.

The confusion arises when multiple subsequent filings are submitted by the same filer into the same case in a relatively short period of time. The $19.00 fee will appear to the filer until the first subsequent filing is accepted by the Clerk. At that point, Chase (payment processor) captures the $19.00 fee on that filing only and all the remaining submissions that haven’t yet been accepted by the Clerk will not process the $19.00 fee.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Tyler Court Support team for more information at 877-687-7870.

Odyssey eFileGA allows users to open court cases and file documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Odyssey eFileGA benefits both the filer and the court. To begin E-File, visit Odyssey eFileGA

There is a number of training opportunities for filers at Odyssey EFile GA. To register for a webinar training session go to Odyssey EFile GA and register