Comprehensive Plan 2008

Glynn County has adopted a Comprehensive Plan to guide the physical growth and development of the County over the next twenty years. The Plan was given final approval by the Board of Commissioners on October 16, 2008, and was approved by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) on October 31, 2008. Approval by the DCA ensures that the County followed the correct procedures in preparing and adopting the Plan, and that the Plan meets the content requirements of the applicable state rules. The Comprehensive Plan and the documents associated with it include:
  • The Community Agenda, which articulates the “vision,” the goals and objectives, and the implementation activities that will be used to ensure the realization of the Plan.
  • The Short Term Work Program (STWP), which is set out in the Community Agenda and which is a five-year program that details specific community facility construction projects as well as programs and activities aimed at implementing the Plan. The Short Term Work Program is accompanied by the Report of Accomplishments (ROA) detailing the progress made on the items called for in the 2002 - 2007 Short Term Work Program.
  • The Community Assessment, which was adopted and which is an evaluation and analysis of conditions in Glynn County. This document was prepared to provide information for the Plan update process.
  • The Public Participation Program, which was approved and which details the steps to be followed to encourage and consider input from the public on the issues set out in the Plan.
As part of the overall process of updating the Comprehensive Plan,
  • In addition, the County and the City of Brunswick updated and agreed to a revised Service Delivery Strategy (SDS). This document, required by state law, describes how governmental services are delivered by the two governments and demonstrates how duplication of services is avoided.
We also coordinate the Comprehensive Plan with the Coastal Georgia Comprehensive Plan, produced by the Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia (CRC). The Coastal Georgia Comprehensive Plan seeks to reflect and coordinate the plans of local governments on issues of regional importance. As a means for making the adopted Comprehensive Plan more useful as a specific tool for guiding growth and development, Glynn County is now working on several Appendices to the Plan. The Appendices will be considered by the two planning commissions at public hearings and will then be considered by the Board of Commissioners for adoption along with the Comprehensive Plan. Formal hearings will be advertised and listed as agenda items in the meetings of the planning commissions and the Board of Commissioners in the calendar section of this web site.
Following is a list of the Appendices. Those that are available for review are highlighted as links.
Appendix A: Future Land Use Text and Future Land Use Map (both adopted March 19, 2009)

Appendix B: Altama Community Transformation Plan

Appendix C: Glynn County Historic Survey Resources Report (pending approval)