Jury Duty

Trial Jury

***There is additional parking in the grass lot between Newcastle Street and Reynolds Street
at the corner of "I" Street***

No Electronic Devices (phones, pagers, tablets, etc) are allowed in the Courthouse.  Please leave them in your car.    

 If you have any questions, you may call our office at 912-554-7272 or email glynnjury@glynncounty-ga.gov
Thank you

***As Citizens assisting in your civic duty,

 you are an integral part of our Judicial System.  
We Thank You for your service..***

If you are over 70, you will be required to honor this summons, or submit a hardship request (hardships are listed below and on the 3rd page of your summons).  If you have an over 70 affidavit previously on file in the Clerk's office, you will be excused from your current summons.

Click Here to fill out an over 70 affidavit.  Once complete, fax to 912-267-5625 or email to glynnjury@glynncounty-ga.gov

If you have a Hardship and will not be able to serve, please send a written request as soon as possible, no later than one week prior to Jury Selection Date.


1. MEDICAL: You must get a medical excuse from your doctor who may mail, email (glynnjury@glynncounty-ga.gov) or fax to 912-267-5625.

2. IF YOU HAVE VACATION/WORK PLANS: You must send a letter informing the court of the date you booked your vacation and a copy of your reservation or verification of your travel.

3. IF YOU ARE A FULL TIME STUDENT: You must submit a copy of your student ID and your class schedule that includes the date of court.  You will be required to complete a student affidavit that will be mailed or emailed to you, after we receive your information.  Please provide your email address so that we may email the affidavit to you.

4. IF YOU ARE NO LONGER A RESIDENT OF GLYNN COUNTY: You must submit proof of your new address, a copy of driver's license or voter's card, etc.

5. IF YOU ARE A CONVICTED FELON: You must send a written statement letting the court know where and when you were convicted and if your rights have been restored or not.

6. IF YOU HAVE ANY ADDITIONAL REASONS FOR DEFERMENT, please submit them as soon as possible in writing with documentation to support the request.

If you have any questions not answered on the 2nd page of your summons,
please call 912-554-7286


In various parts of the United States, citizens are being targeted by phone calls and emails threatening them with prosecution for failing to comply with jury service in federal or state courts.   In the calls and emails, recipients are pressured to provide confidential data, potentially leading to identify theft and fraud.  These calls and emails, which threaten recipients with fines and jail time if they do not comply, are fraudulent and are not connected with the courts.  Courts do not require anyone to provide any sensitive information in a telephone call or email.  Most contact between a court and a prospective juror will be through the U.S. mail, and any phone contact by real court officials will not include requests for Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or any other sensitive information.  
Jury duty is a vital civic responsibility and should be taken seriously by all citizens.  However, it is a crime for anyone to falsely represent himself or herself as a court official.  The judiciary takes seriously such an offense.
Persons receiving such a telephone call or email should not provide the requested information and should notify the Clerk of Court office in your area.
You may contact our office or Colonel Carl Futch at the Glynn County Sheriff's Office at 912-554-7625 

The Clerk of Superior Court's office will NOT have anyone call you in regards to an outstanding warrant, nor ask you for pre-paid debit cards to pay for missing jury duty.  We will not call you asking you to appear at the courthouse for a signature analysis for a jury subpoena.  This is a SCAM. If you have any questions as to a validity of a claim, please contact the Clerk of Superior Court's office @ 912-554-7286 PRIOR to submitting any funds or contact the Glynn County Sheriff's Office at 912-554-7600.