SPLOST 2016 for Joint Water & Sewer

Rehabilitation and Rerouting North Mainland District (Sewer Collection Lines, Basins, and Lift Stations)
Estimated cost: $11,700,000
This is a major project that will not only rehabilitate these two large sewer basins, but will also improve the entire JWSC systems that flow into the Academy Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant (ACWWTP).
 Harry Driggers Blvd  Click here or on map to enlargeNORTH MAINLAND
Replacement of City of Brunswick Deteriorated Collection (Sewer Collection Lines and Lift Stations)
Estimated cost: $3,300,000
This project will remove and replace the deteriorated gravity sewer line that runs from K St. to R St. This line has deteriorated so badly that it is plagued with multiple leaks and is in need of total replacement. Completion of this project will benefit a‖ the homes and businesses encompassed east to west, from Newcastle St. to Glynn Ave.; and north to south, from P St. to Gloucester St.

  K and Newcastle  Click here or on map to enlargeBWK DETERIORATED COLLECTION