New Scanned Plat Documents

Glynn County Scanned Documents – Now Available for Mass Purchase

The Glynn County GIS Division of IT is now offering for purchase scanned Glynn County documents in mass. This includes but is not limited to final plats, City of Brunswick Plats and as-built documents recorded at the Glynn County Court House. The files come with a detailed index that can be referenced to the County’s parcel records accessed thru the Property Record Search website linked below.

Property Record Search


The data is priced at $3.00/Giga Byte. Please see the pricing schedule for detailed pricing.

Scanned Documents Price List
The files can be updated on a schedule to include new scanned documents by the County at the same price. The files will be placed on an external hard drive supplied by the customer or purchased by the county at cost. To acquire the data, contact the GIS Division at 912-554-7418.