Web Flood Maps

The following web maps of Glynn County Flood Data include Flood Zones and Storm Surge.

**The elevation data used in the Glynn County Elevation Contours web mapping application were derived from LiDAR and are rounded to the nearest foot. To ensure the accuracy of the elevation data please consult with a registered land surveyor.

Web Applications
The following web applications are available to use in a web browser.

    CurrentFloodZones    Elevation1   Surge

PDF Flood Maps

The following maps are available for download. All of the maps are 22 x 34 inches in size.

             Glynn Flood Zones             Surge Map
                     Glynn County Flood Zones Map                                    Glynn County Hurricane Storm Surge Map

                             SSI Flood Zones                                                                  Jekyll Flood Map
                   St. Simons Island Flood Zones Map                                             Jekyll Island Flood Zones Map