Community Development Online Portal

  • Many applications can be started online and required documents can be uploaded.  Staff will review and process the application.  You will be contacted if additional information is needed.  
  • All fees must be paid at the Community Development Office or on the Online Portal
  • Progress on your permits and review and inspection comments can be viewed online.

Click on the link below to get started or check status of a permit or review.

  Community Development Online Portal

If you have any problems:

        Call (912) 554-7456 Building Inspection Department, 8 AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday 


Notice – Any application for property that is zoned PD – Planned Development, must have the PD text applicable to the property attached to the application. Applications for properties zoned PD that do not have the PD text attached are not considered complete and will be deemed NC – Non-Compliant. Click here to access the Planned Development Text folder.
Subdivisions that are eligible/required to have Tertiary LDA Permits. List
    List of Application Types:


Applications for the following Permits can be entered online: 

  •  Demolition 
  •  Driveway 
  •  Electrical 
  •  Foundation Only 
  •  Gas   
  •  Mechanical 
  •  Mobile or Manufactured Home 
  •  Move Structure     
  •  Plumbing   
  •  Pool 
  •  Residential Accessory Building 
  •  Residential Single-Family   
  •  Right of Way   
  •  Sign    
  •  Tower
  • Commercial
  • Commercial Accessory Building

CANNOT be entered online

  • Commercial Shell
  • Residential Shell (for a duplex, triplex, etc.)


Applications for the following Plans can be entered online:

  •   Expedited Subdivision
  •   Final Plats
  •   Plat Vacation
  •   Preliminary Plats
  •   Site Plans
  •   Special Use Permits
  •   Subdivision Construction Plans
  •   Village Preservation
  •   Zoning Letters
  •   Zoning Changes