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Glynn County Fire-Rescue operates eight (8) fire stations, equipped with a total of seventeen (17) fire trucks, twelve (12) pumper trucks, two (2) ladder trucks, one (1) aerial truck, two (2) airport crash/rescue truck, and one (1) 3000-gallon tanker truck. The department also operates ten (10) EMS vehicles, nine (9) ambulances (Rescues), and one (1) Rapid Response  Vehicle. 

The department has one hundred thirty-one (131) on-line personnel, all are nationally and state-certified (NPQ level ) firefighters, nineteen (19) are certified as Paramedics and forty-two (42) are certified as EMT-B or EMT-A. 

The Fire Department's response area covers approximately 420 square miles with a population of 85,292 citizens. 


Glynn County Fire-Rescue responded to 4,333 fire incidents and 11,657 rescue calls in 2019 and conducted Public Fire Safety Education classes for hundreds of students.

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