Preseason Preparedness

Preseason Preparedness
The hurricane season is from June 1 through November 30. There are several basic precautions you should take before each hurricane season begins. Check these items off as you complete them.

___Learn the storm surge history and possibilities in your area.

___Know the elevation of your property.

___Know the evacuation zone in which you live.

___Study the information in this pamphlet, and be sure each family member is familiar with it also.

___Decide on a destination ahead of time and make sure everyone knows that destination.

___Have a point of contact (telephone number) away from the danger area where relatives can call to check on you, i.e., relative or friend.

___Review your insurance policies, homeowners does not cover flood damage.

___Purchase flood insurance from your agent.

___Take an inventory of your personal property for insurance and/or tax deduction reasons and keep it in a safe place. If possible take pictures or video your belongings.

___Keep your immunizations for tetanus up to date.

___Make sure your house is in good repair, especially the roof and windows.

___Trim back dead wood from trees.

___Make sure you have a good portable radio, several flashlights, spare batteries and bulbs.

___Buy materials to board your windows and doors. Have it cut to size and identified as to where it will be used before hand.

___Purchase a can of lime to sterilize garbage and refuse.

___Keep family car in good repair.

___Keep important papers, pictures and keepsakes in a box ready to move on short notice.