Hurricane Watch

When a Hurricane Watch is Issued for Your Area
A hurricane watch is issued for a coastal area when there is a threat of hurricane conditions within 24 - 36 hours. When you hear the announcement, you should:

___Stay tuned to you LOCAL radio or TV station for bulletins.

___Ensure vehicle gas tanks are full.

___Moor small craft or move to safe shelter. Small boat trailers should be tied down securely, with boats lashed to trailers and filled with water.

___Check supplies of medications and drugs.

___Lower TV and radio antennas to avoid contact with electrical wires.

___Secure furniture, garbage cans, and other loose items outside.

___Check mobile home tie-downs.

___Tape, board and shutter windows to prevent shattering.

___Obtain tools and materials for emergency home repairs.

___Wedge sliding glass doors to prevent their lifting from their tracks.

___Ensure batteries for portable radio and flashlights are fresh.

___Spare bulbs for flashlights.

___Stock up on canned provisions and non-perishable foods. Don't forget non-electric can openers.

___Check mobile home tie-downs.