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Detention Facilities Expansion
Glynn County Detention Facilities
Tasks for Jail Project
  • Advertise Public Notice in Brunswick News & The Islander, County Website and County Facebook page seeking public comments on the two site locations as recommended by the Jail Advisory Committee.
    • This will be advertised the week of January 24th
    • Distribute comments to the Board of Commissioners
  • Engage architect to overlay schematic design on each site to determine the amount of land needed for initial construction and future expansion.
    • An architect has been engaged to perform this work.  Initial site layout was delivered January 24, 2011.
  • Engage property owners, surveyors, environmental firms and appraisers to determine rights of entry, actual property boundaries, environmental issues and property valuation of each site.
    • Initiate discussions with each property owner regarding the potential purchase of their property
    • Obtain authorization to access property for site testing, survey work, etc.
    • Converse with EPA and EPD to seek the issuance of correspondence and other documentation providing assurances that the identified portion of the Honeywell site is appropriate and ready for use as a detention center.
    • Engage Environmental firm to conduct an environmental Phase I and Phase II (as may be necessary) assessment on each parcel.
    • Engage a surveyor to prepare project boundary and topographic survey.
    • Engage appraisal company to appraise each site
  • Finalize available funding in SPLOST 5 for the design and construction of a new jail
    • Staff to review SPLOST 5 projects and recommend adjustments in projects that will reallocate funding to jail.
    • Determine the appropriate amount that was spent on downtown site design and acquisition that should be repaid to the SPLOST 5 fund from the General Fund (fund balance).
  • Enter into an agreement to purchase site for the jail project
    • The agreement will include due diligence items and other negotiated terms and conditions of the purchase.
    • The agreement will also include additional assurances and protections from and against liability that the County is able to negotiate with the Seller.  The County will want to ensure that these assurances and protections become part of a subsequent binding document that is memorialized at or around the closing of the property.  
  • Board of Commissioners to adopt a resolution regarding the location of the detention center.
  • Enter into contract with an architect to design facility
    • Develop time line for design and construction
    • Consider options for Design-Bid, Construction Manager
  • Solicit competitive bids/proposals for the construction of the facility and accept bid in accordance with law.  Enter into contract with successful bidder/proposer.